Friday, January 13, 2012

Vogue 6511 Splashy Halter Dress or Jumper & Blouse / ca. 1965

Featured pattern today is a rare beauty!  Vogue 6511 Splashy Halter Dress or Jumper & Blouse / ca. 1965 and what a classy outfit.  It's always fun to get a new batch of patterns and sort through and find one like this.  I love yard sales, thrift stores, garage and estate sales and buying a big bunch of patterns without knowing what you are getting is a treasure hunt.

Yesterday pretty much sucked.  Woke up achy and feeling lousy.  Figured out I have the flu.  Moving slow today but at least getting some patterns listed today.  I didn't even get into my email yesterday except on my phone.   Am I the only one that can't type on their cellphone?  I spend more time backspacing and correcting than typing.

Be sure and check back next Thursday.  We are going camping for 4 days so I will have a sale and of course an extra discount for you readers.

Oh my gosh found a great pattern that brought back alot of 70's memories.  Did we not, all of us, have a beanbag chair???  Mine was lime green.  Makes me quesy to think about it.  But I loved it.  Featured new is a walk down memory lane:  McCall's 2295 "Bean Bag" Pillow Chair, Back Rest, Pillows 1999  and this is a scarce pattern so if you are looking to remake history this is a good catch.

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