Monday, January 9, 2012

McCall's 7060 Channeling the Forties' Dress 1980

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration!  Ours was quiet as usual.   Had a lovely dinner on New Year's Day with my mother in law and two of her good friends.  Harry BBQ'd pork crown roast and it was fantastic.  If you've never had it give it a try.  It's like a "rack of lamb" only of pork.  Simply delicious and because it's a lovely cut it makes a nice fancy dinner.

 Watched a movie New Year's Eve - "Fast Five" and ate popcorn.  After that adreneline rush movie it was hard to go to sleep.  Just kidding.

For Christmas my honey talked me into an E-Book reader.  Oh my gosh I am so hooked.  Already put a gazillion "must read" books in.  One my favorite authors is Vince Flynn and he comes out with a new book next month and it's nice to know I can simply press a button and it's in my hands.

Featured vintage today is from 1980 and even over some of the 1940's patterns it is a sure winner - and it looks so 1940's.  McCall's 7060 Channeling the Forties' Dress 1980

It is a Sue Wong design and ever curious I checked her out.  Okay wow.  She is now a designer for Bloomingdales and here is a link with her line at their store:  Sue Wong Designs

 My vacation sale was a great success in cleaning out my stock so I can start putting lots more newbies in.  Yay.

Featured "new" is McCall's 6284 Fiesta Skirt with Broomsticking Options 1992.  A pattern I have found only occasionally and it goes quickly. 

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