Monday, April 23, 2012

Anne Adams 4760 Jazzy Dress with "Faux" Wrap Affect 1970

Featured pattern today is Anne Adams 4760 Jazzy Dress with "Faux" Wrap Affect 1970 - not a true wrap dress as it zips up the back and has a drape across the front.  Nice look!  It does feature a sleeve though I prefer the sleeveless version. The style comes right on the heels of the late 60's look - check out the hairdo.  Tall & teased.

Check out this new site I found called Craftsy - I haven't had the time to really look thru it but it has stuff from Susie Homemaker to Edgy Edna.  Note the lady with the Betty Page look!  Well now I've gone completely over the edge in my search to show you a picture of Betty Page LOL.  Another fun site featuring Betty Page Clothing styles

Here is one of my favorite Betty Page pictures - oh wait can't put that one up.  Okay she was a bad girl - lots of rather naughty pictures including her scantily clad with whips and things like that.   Hmmm well here's one that isn't too bad - :  I hadn't quite realized how risque her pictures were - I'm more into her pictures with her in clothes LOL.

Way more pics of her without most of her clothes than with her in a dress.  I'll probably be logged onto some pornography site by mistake bwahhahaaa.  Think I'll stop searching before I get into trouble.

Had a lovely weekend with my husband - it was his 55th birthday yesterday.  What alot of whining went on.  Other than that I had fun too.  We went to the river and did some cruising, had a lovely lunch at Hidden Shores, did some fishing and got lots of sun.  It was 103 which was actually nice on the river.  Not quite swimming season - the river has a long ways to go before jumping in.
With summer around the corner here's a summer dress that is a multi-sized one:  Simplicity 6022 Ultra Feminine Dress 1990's
I have had this one several times and it always flies out the door so look quick!

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