Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anne Adams 4765 Helen's Sleek Summer Dress 1973

Looking for that perfect summer dress?  Here it is - Anne Adams 4765 Helen's Sleek Summer Dress 1973

It does have a short or long sleeve version but just ignore that fact and keep it sleeveless!  Nicely stitched to accentuate a figure. I picture a solid fabric for some reason.  A busy pattern would detract from the nice lines - IMO only!

Have to get moving on planting my herb garden.  Nothing like fresh herbs - there are some breads I want to try making with fresh herbs too.  I have a small wheeled table all set up with pots and a stack of seeds in packages.  Now I just have to get them planted.

Featured new is a Burda that caught my eye.  Wish I was young enough to pull this off:  Burda 8772 Euro Chic Hooded Dress 2000's

A dark fabric would keep it rather goth looking - I picture a bright solid maybe yellow or even a pastel to throw over a bathing suit at the beach.  Cute style and lots of options.

 Remember the "Ice Cream of the Future" ? Dip 'N Dots?  I don't think they call it that anymore but they are still out there doing business.  My husband's bosses' son not only works at the shop too but has a Dip 'N Dots side business.  I'm telling you I am addicted.  I could have all the free Dips I want but hey just can't take advantage LOL.  County fair this weekend and I plan on Dottin' up.  The Pecan is my favorite!

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