Monday, April 30, 2012

SALE STARTING TOMORROW!  20% off for you readers just use coupon code SPRINGTIME and enjoy your shopping.  I need a spring break for sure.  I will be back on Sunday and all paid orders ship Monday a week from today or Tuesday.

Featured pattern is a summer "must have" - Simplicity 9927 Tropi-Cool Vacation Halter Dress 1972 and grab it quick before I change my mind!  So what if it's not my size?

Have a planned cruise or trip to a tropical island this summer?  This is all you need.  By itself or over a bathing suit.

Been spending way too much time at the vets with two aging cats.  Very stressful - for all of us.  Pugsley has failing kidneys so I am babying him with special food and trying to get weight on him.  Little Girl with severe lameness.  She got a full realm of x-rays today and no noticable severe arthritis so it's an unexplained lameness - which my vet researched and it is all too common.  Treatment is the same basically.  They had to put her out so she is one ticked off sleepy cat.

Featured new is Vogue 2912 Cutting Edge Blouse 2006 with a very distinct and unique look to it.  I picture a brocade in an Asian pattern.  Didn't look to see if that suited the recommended fabric it's just what I pictured in my head.

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