Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Advance 8777 Hottie Sheath Dress & Jacket / ca. 1958

Kind of clumping yesterday and today together - after being off a week yesterday was hectic.  Ah back to work LOL.

In my wanderings I picked up an obviously vintage 50's fur hat in mint condition.  As always I am bewildered on how to identify different fur types.  Found a website that helped immensely:  SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE is both fun and enlightening!

Here are some of the best patterns listed in the last two days:

Svelte sheath dress that is classy but plain until you add that little jacket!  Uncut too - what a find.


Creme de la Creme McCall 6556 Movie Starlet Dress with Scallop Closure 1946 a style that most of us only dream of wearing.  Grab it while you can! 

This is an uncut one too -

Apron fans check out this Simplicity 4868 Dandy Housewife's Apron Set / ca. 1944 in fine condition!  Aprons fly out the door so buy it quick.

Looking for that Cinderella moment?  Hollywood 409 Debutante Dress with "Deep Shaped Stomacher" / ca. 1940 just right for that evening with Prince Charming.

This dress rings my bell!  McCall's P-11 Sassy Shoulder Tie Shift Dress 1966

Very feminine shape - nice waist to it and of course pretty shoulder ties.  Whether just a dinner date or fancy cocktail party this is versatile! 

Here are a few newer ones that stand out:

Simplicity 6638 Red Hot Tuxedo Top 1990's good to wear with jeans or tight mini skirt.  Got it all!

Not your run of the mill career look!  Vogue 1141 Luscious Jacket, Top, Skirt & Pants 2009 with a really neat jacket!

Sheer and sexy:   Vogue 7757 Sizzling Sheer Shirt & Camisole 1990 

I've had this one a few times and it goes fast and seems to be a casual favorite - McCall's 8959 His & Her's Hee Haw Overalls 1997



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