Thursday, September 20, 2012

Simplicity 8584 Hullabaloo Go Go Shirt-Dress & Tie or Sash 1969

Got behind yesterday and didn't get my entire listing done until this morning.  Now on to today's listings - sigh.  Yesterday's list was short but sweet!

In no particular order of favoritism are today's vintage patterns:

Simplicity 8584 Hullabaloo Go Go Shirt-Dress & Tie or Sash 1969 and for those of us who watched Hullabaloo can't you just visualize!  How could anyone resist making this?  Well at least one person in the world didn't make this.

Mail Order 2381 Saucy Housewife's Day Dress 1940's - I almost used the word "sexy" because it is but not in that exact way.  Oh even I don't quite understand what I mean - grin.  The pattern pieces are in wonderful condition.  It's also a SIZE 22!  It measures for a bust size 44 and not just the style, or condition but the sizing is so unique.

Brought to you by the same lady for the pattern above is Simplicity 1346 Dignified Two-Piece Dress / ca. 1946 also in a plus size of Bust 44 (A Size 22 Today).  The pattern pieces are again in lovely condition.  Marian's patterns were all in beautiful shape - stored with care.

For newer patterns this dress jumped out at me.  A bit small unfortunately at a size 6-10 but such lovely tucks in front:  Butterick 4557 Teriffic Tapered Mock Wrap Dress 1996

For comfort lovers this McCall's 6167 Comfortable Looking Tunic & Sash 2010 makes me feel laid back.  The higher waisted drawstring version is my personal fav.


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nancyc20 said...

Oh I LOVE that 40's housewife dress!Now if I could just get everything tidy enough to feel like I could wear it around!!! although dresses do look funny with running shoes...