Friday, September 21, 2012

Advance 5572 Timeless "Lucy" Dress / ca. 1950

TGIF day - rah!  Two whole days with no alarm.  If it isn't too hot tomorrow we may go out in the Prowler and do some target shooting.  It's 106 today - downright cool!  Well compared to a few weeks ago when the temps were hanging around 115.

Number one on the list today!  Advance 5572 Timeless "Lucy" Dress / ca. 1950 with little peaky sleeves and button bodice and pointy collar.  Killer cute.  It's the equivalent of a Size 18 today and it's factory folded.

 It's still summer enough in places to grab this and make it:  McCall's 5025 Youthful Shirt, Swimsuit & Pants + Transfer 1976.  The transfer is darling - you can mute the colors or spice it up.  Why do I always think of Elvis when I see an all white outfit?

Marian Martin 9599 Sugar & Spice "Mom" Apron / ca. 1940's is my personal choice of cutest today!  Can't you just smell the cookies baking?

Newer patterns will start off with this winner:  Vogue 2951 Socialite Jacket & Skirt 2007 from DKNY.  Cute jacket but the "bubble" skirt is pretty "it".  The "brocaid" fabric is perfect and though the color is nice maybe a little less "brown" and "gold" and more green or blue.

Marcy Tilton rocks my fashion sense (which is pretty dorky usually).  Vogue 8600 Out of this World Jacket 2009 and check out the collar with hood option.  Woo hoo!

Nothing fancy here - just plain like it for it's casual air:  Butterick 4733 Flattering Zip Front Dress, Tunic & Pants 1996 and the front zipper so very bohemian.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!


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