Friday, October 5, 2012

Simplicity 3471 Rockin' Rockabilly Party Dress & Bolero / ca. 1960

Two days to catch up on.  I didn't post yesterday.  Had a long day of traveling to and from Phoenix on an errand for my mother-in-law.  Feeling pretty trashed today.  But I got some good patterns put in.  I had extras all ready for Thursday and Friday so there are extra vintage ones to make up for a missed day.

Simplicity 3471 Rockin' Rockabilly Party Dress & Bolero / ca. 1960 that is sadly a junior size but if you are small then lucky you!  You may ask yourself why they are looking up?  It's a bird!  It's a plane! No it's Superman!

My favorite Wednesday listing has to be this Anne Adams R4787 Makes My Day Wrap Dress 1950's - an at home or out to lunch fashion for any decade.

Quite a few nifty mail order patterns received lately and here's another one: Anne Adams 4530 Mandarin Collar House Coat 1950's - it says a "coat" but dang it doesn't look like a traditional coat but more of a housecoat.

My favorite today is this Anne Adams 4760 Atomic Wiggle Dress & Shirt Jacket 1950's which makes me think of Della Street from Perry Mason.  Though she was a bit prim - but she can leave the jacket on.

This sweet as can be dress with fluttery scalloped sleeves and bodice is just so eye catching: Mail Order 4512 Dishy Dress with Scalloped Bodice 1950's 
Several very awesome knit and crochet booklets the last few days if you are a fan of those types of patterns:  Vintage Knit & Crochet Booklets

For newer featured here is one I've had before and just found another:  Simplicity 8812 Provocative Fitted Dress 1994  and it's scarce so if you are interested grab it now.

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