Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Simplicity 2429 Girl Next Door Blouse / ca. 1958

First and foremost check out this Simplicity 2429 Girl Next Door Blouse / ca. 1958 and could it be any prettier!  Great choice of that simple sleeveless "overblouse" or gypsy ruffled neckline and then toss in big poofy sleeves.  Dreamboat ...

Summer is racing away but if you can't wear this now there's next summer:  Marian Martin 9230 Sunny Delight Dress 1950's with the cutest button shoulder straps.

If you're tiny or have a teeny bopper this one is smashing:  Simplicity 1280 Swell Teen Age One-Piece Jumper / ca. 1955 and I especially like the big big pockets!

I just got a number of hat patterns and here is one:  Good Housekeeping Leaflet GHN 442 Perky Pique' Beret 1940's and yesterday I put one in too.  Good Housekeeping Leaflet GHN 449 Cheeky 5 Way Hat / 1940's with one more to come tomorrow.

Best IMO of the newer patterns is this Vogue 2492 Strappy & Sexy Dress & Sheer Lace Top 1990 so hot with that figure hugger dress and throw in that sheer lacy top woo hoo!

Holiday events and New Year's Eve coming up so this is for your consideration!
I love this one!  Wish I was young and able to just wear whatever I want - I do like the punky steampunk goth styles (okay I'm weird - grin).  Simplicity 1772 Vampire Couture Bridal Dress Costume 2012 for you adventurous free spirits.

Here's a rather rare African Wear Pattern:  McCall's 7602 African Wear Caftan, Headwrap & Hat 1995 and you don't have to be African American to wear this great caftan.

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