Tuesday, October 16, 2012

McCall's 6219 Jaw Dropping Dress 1962

Decisions - Decisions!  So hard to pick which pattern to list first.  Gotta be this one:  McCall's 6219 Jaw Dropping Dress 1962  It's so sixties looking - fitted bodice and then that big wide skirt.  Whew!

My second choice is this phenomenal skirt:  Simplicity 1851 Enchanting "Ballet" Skirt, Cummerbund & Sash / ca. 1956 

Tea length or evening length and two different sashes.  Truly enchanting.

A little different in that this is more low key but still so lovely:  Mail Order 4666 Radiant Jumper & Blouse 1950's.  Daytime casual wear but eye-catching for sure.  Some of these jumper patterns can double as a sundress too.

This fashion reminds me of those dignified movie stars like Grace Kelly.

A beautiful description on this next vintage pattern of  Mail Order 1738 Touch of Glamour Dress 1940's which says:  "Superby styled cap-sleeved dress, touched with glamour."

I learned a new word while researching some costume patterns - STEAMPUNK - how did I miss this LOL???  What a great word.  It fits these goth type patterns like Simplicity 2757 Medieval Goth Overdress Costume 2008.  This is a "costume" but heck it's perfect for a lady who likes to be offbeat.

Now this shirt is a rare one which I've had before and it always sold quickly:  McCall's 6935 Zesty Western Shirt with Detachable Cape 1994 and if you love country western clothes what a great addition to your wardrobe it would be.

Gotta love this one!  Vogue 1529 Spritely Tent Dress & Leggings 1995 a boho beatnik winner.  Skip those shoes however - grin.  Too clunky and gaudy.  The leggings to me are also questionable - the dress is so springy and light looking that I'd want to make sure I don't detract from the dress.  No leggings and lightweight sandals or shoes.  Ta Da!

Here are all that got listed today - Click Here!

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nancyc20 said...

That blouse at the top is FABULOUS!!! With the ballerina skirt below and in lace and satin, would make a wonderful wedding dress...all floaty and feminine.LOVE it!!!!! Pale pink cummberbund....baby pink roses and baby's breath for her carrying piece....sigh....