Thursday, November 29, 2012

DuPont Pattern 814 Fashion Maven's Dress 1939

What a fabulous bit of weather we are having.  This is why we live here in Yuma.  Three months of living on the face of the sun and the rest of the year heaven.  It's been in the low 80's and sunny and mild.  The hubby is out riding off road today - I am green with envy but after 5 days away getting caught up still.

I couldn't wait to feature this rare pattern.  I don't use the word "rare" lightly.  I haven't found anything about the maker except they were in textiles.  The pattern envelopes are slightly bigger than normal & the pattern itself is of "stiff" paper like a Kwik Sew pattern.  It is also multi-sized.  Odd indeed for the 1930's.  DuPont Pattern 814 Fashion Maven's Dress 1939

If you know anything about these patterns let me know!

One more to put in tomorrow - check in Friday it's another doozie.

For apron lovers this is a find:  McCall 1124 Perky Ruffled or Embroidered Apron + Transfer 1944 

The little front kicky ruffle is adorable.

It's always fun to find a pattern that still have the original sales receipt with it.  Advance 2729 Glowing Dress with Neckline Variations 1942 and check out the attached sales receipt.  There is also a clipping from the newspaper that isn't of the pattern itself but maybe just has the "look" the buyer wanted.

Looking for a classic but "different" dress & jacket combo?  McCall's 9170 Radiant Jacket & Sheath Dress 1998 is the ticket.  A "little black dress" & long sleek jacket that has a one button or loop at top for comfort.  The black view with the trim around the edge is very nice!

Nuthin' extra special with this blouse but it's really lovely and useful.  McCall's 5856 Just a Superb Blouse 1992 and I just plain like it!


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