Thursday, November 15, 2012

McCall's 6633 TNT Bell Skirted Dress 1962

Such a pretty featured pattern today:  McCall's 6633 TNT Bell Skirted Dress 1962  Nicely fitted bodice with a slightly belled skirt - built in "hidden" pockets.  All in all very neat.

The late 1960's brings us this Simplicity 8142 Impeccable "Coat" Dress 1969 that is just so different in style.  Generational for sure.

This would have been featured first but I barely got it listed when it sold but it's too awesome to not show you:  Hollywood 1806 Intriguing Basque Jacket Blouse / ca. 1939 - I have some more from this era that I went thru last weekend so keep an eye peeled.

Here's one from Monday that makes me wish I had time to sew:  Simplicity 5833 Best Dressed One-Piece Dress & Cape / ca. 1964 just so elegant.

Heavenly item here with Simplicity 7969 Billowy Dress with Angel Sleeves 1977 - makes me think of a hippie hostess at a cocktail party!

Back to the 1950's for this siren dress:  Anne Adams R4769 Starlet's Dress with Sexy Bodice / ca. 1950's  oooh laaa laaa!

Here's a very unique pattern that is a "uniform" but could also just be a nifty jacket and dress:  4-H-1985 National 4-H Club Uniform Pattern / ca. Late 1930's 

Oh oh check out this Vogue - Vogue 4947 Haute One-Piece Dress & Jacket / ca. 1949 and again I have a couple more from this era to put in this or next week.

'Nuf for today - gotta get ready for tomorrow!




Sewing Galaxy said...

is Anne Adams pattern already out of stock???

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

It went so quickly! Sorry.