Monday, April 29, 2013

Simplicity 3739 Femme Fatale Petticoat & Slip / ca. 1951

Looks like summer is here - hope for a break to go back to the 90's so we can do some off roading in our Prowler before the 100+++ sets in for 3 to 4 months consistently.  It's 92 right now and only 9:49 a.m.  Time to start living like a mole - all the doors and windows shut and shuttered to keep that blazing sunlight out.  I keep one kitchen curtain open slightly just so the kitties can peek outside and see all the front yard action.  They can pop behind the drapes in the bedroom to see what's up out back too.  I thought when we moved here that I would refuse to live in the dark during the summer.  Hah!  There's a reason to live like a mole for summer months.

A couple of giggles for the day.  A friend forwarded a link to me and the guy who did it had a bunch on YouTube.  These two are the best and had me cracking up - a little bit of salty language but still very funny and most words are bleeped out anyway:

 The Truth About the Tarsier

 The Truth About the Sloth

Now back to patterns!  Simplicity 3739 Femme Fatale Petticoat & Slip / ca. 1951 - takes my breath away.  And though the envelope took a beating the pattern itself is uncut and factory folded.  Yay!

A total "wow" for this very rare and unique fashion.  Summertime Chic.  Butterick 4824 Sizzling "Sandwich Board" Wrapped Dress 1970's 
More perfect for summer patterns.  McCall's 3234 Afternoon Delight Dress or Jumper 1972

Love this one with the long or short skirt that goes over the "romper" jumpsuit.  McCall's 2974 Kitschy Jumpsuit & Skirt 1971

The offset fastening of this McCall's 4766 Edgy Dress or Top & Pants 1975 makes it very eye catching.

Very classy fashion here - what I would call a "sheath" dress - McCall's 9096 Fantastic Five Panel Dress 1967 
Oh what a summer delight  this one is - luckily I have in two different sizes:  Simplicity 6982 Bella Back Wrap Dress 1975

Classic in every way Simplicity 9919 Sharp Dress with Collar Interest & Cardigan 1972

Oh boy this is a breezy dress just right to wear while strolling along the beach:   McCall's 6087 Dance with Joy Dress or Top 1978


On the run today so no "new" featured patterns but check out what I put in - a really nice Vogue and some other 80's that really stand out.


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