Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mail Order 9127 Sweet Nightgown & Bloomers + Transfer 1950's

Well the Dow and Gold markets are taking a tremendous dump today.  No surprises there.  Being a news and financial news geek I've been expecting it.  I would advise buying gold and especially silver now.  The sell off is for the most part "paper" gold and not physical gold.  Interested?  Check out Franklin Sanders postings at this website, but he hasn't posted today - he always jokes that when gold plummets he is vomiting in his trash can LOL:  Franklin Sanders

My favorite posting today is this Mail Order 9127 Sweet Nightgown & Bloomers + Transfer 1950's a very "old world" look to it.

My second favorite is because of the jacket!  McCall's 3175 Snappy Coordinated Separates 1972 - darling "bolero" style jacket just rocks.

For a giggle check this men's pattern out - it has knickers!  Simplicity 9529 Men's Quirky Pants, Knickers & Shorts 1971 and frankly even in the 70's would any man be caught dead in those?

This pattern is simply irresistible!  Simplicity 8664 Elfin Mini-Skirt & Blouse 1969 
This is a recent pattern paying tribute to the Sixties: Simplicity 2154 Perky Blouse, Skirt, Jacket & Cardigan 2011.  I have this in all sizes.

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