Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday already?  Well since I missed listing on Monday (the usual weekend orders getting me behind) I'm only short for Tuesday and Wednesday listings.  I have stopped stressing about missing posts.  How do people do "everything" when they have an online business?  I now take a deep breath and get  into my "calm zone" where I realize that all is NOT possible.  Wow - a revelation I wish I had found when I was young and running in the fast lane of life.

Such very sad news for fans of Vince Flynn today.  He passed away at the too young age of 47 fter a valiant battle with prostate cancer.  If you haven't read any of his books make a note to do so.  He was my number one favorite author.  Not just as a writer but as a person.  Rest in peace Vince.

Most noteworthy listing for Tuesday is this Emile Bru 276 Dishy Sun Dress with Removable Cape 1940's.  This maker is very rare and the few I have seen are just spectacular.  Perfect for summer!

Just forward a decade and check out this dress with a choice of skirts:  Simplicity 2043 Sleek One-Piece Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1957.  Two different looks for sure.

In keeping with a summery theme this Butterick 3658 Gadabout Shirt, Pants & Shorts 1970's just looks so darn comfortable.

The best of the best for today is this vintage German pattern:  Lyon-Schnitt J945 Starlet's "Morgenrock" Dressing Gown 1940's with a sweeeeet double breasted front.


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