Friday, June 7, 2013

Spadea Y-3089 Sophisticated Wiggle Dress / ca. 1962

Friday at last!  Three days without a 4 a.m. alarm going off.  Oh - unless you have a cat that depends on it going off and they jump on the bed and "bark" (Tobey has a very odd almost barking sound when he is especially agitated) at you about 4:30 to let you know you missed getting up.  "Mom, Mom, Dad, Dad! Wake up the alarm didn't go off! My breakfast is late!" - Sigh.  A loudly yelled "Quit!" and the sound of a cat running quickly down the hall is heard.  Ahhhhh silence.  He means well - grin.

Tonite for dinner - Bok Choy of some kind.  We have a big steel wok - just like they use in the authentic Asian restaurants and it makes fabulous stir fry.  Set out some thin sliced beef and now need to find a recipe.
The heat is here at last.  It hit 111 yesterday and at 10:30 a.m. it is now 104.  Summer at last.  In less than a month if this keeps up the river will be ready for swimming.
Are any of you interested in Pinterest?  I have started putting pictures up to preserve them on the internet.  Once I sell a pattern I delete it from my site and the picture isn't available.  With rare stuff that is disappointing but I only have so much room.  Pinterest allows the picture to last forever so that people can enjoy these awesome fashions.  I am of course signed up as Out of the Ashes Collectibles 

The sixties' at its finest - Spadea Y-3089 Sophisticated Wiggle Dress / ca. 1962.  A bit of a "Marilyn" look to this tight dress and the collar is to die for.  It's been a while since I've found some good and unused Spadea patterns.
What a change from the early 60's to early 70's!  Simplicity 5970 Fashionable Hostess Jumpsuit & Vest 1973  - the wide "palazzo" style legs are classic.  If you are interested in the Simplicity Look Slimmer Patterns that have a slenderizing style click on the link.

This "pantsuit" pattern reminds me so much of Laura Bush.  The skirt is very nice too but a very complimentary jacket - Simplicity 6175 Career Maker Jacket, Skirt & Pants 1973 
I have it in two sizes - Size 14 and Size 18.
The McCall's version of Look Slimmer patterns are the Pounds Thinner Patterns.  Great looking bodice on this McCall's 3005 Eye Pleasing Dress or Tunic & Pants 1971 
Just a good all around, anytime or anywhere, work or play:  McCall's 4587 Shirt-Jacket or Shirt, Top, Skirt & Pants 1975.  I have two with sizes 12 to 20.
I know this is a plain ole' summer pullover but it's also dang cute.  I think the fact that it's now 110 degrees outside and I am staring at this sleeveless dress with pretty pastel flowers has something to do with the fascination - grin:  Simplicity 5114 Sugar & Spice Sundress 1981

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