Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mail Order 4663 Corporate Woman Coatdress 1960's a dynamite example of the "coat dress" with offset buttoning.  A number of Style Patterns also listed today with more on the way.  If you like doll clothes a couple of scarce old patterns listed too. 

Here are a couple of pics from our anniversary camping trip.  Me standing up on a high crest after an exciting trip thru canyons and scaling narrow trails and our campsite with our trailer and our friends' rig.

What an awesome view!  There are hundreds of trails in every direction.  We spent hours and hours over two days and still didn't begin to cover all the trails.  Weather couldn't have been better either in the mid-70's the whole time.

What made the trip extra special was taking our cats with us.  They have a big carrying cage with a blanket and litterbox and they don't dig it but they do it.  Once we are stopped they flop on the bed and make themselves at home.

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