Thursday, February 11, 2010

SALE STARTED THIS MORNING!  15% off all orders - use coupon code VALENTINE at checkout.  We leave later this morning and will be home on Monday so any paid orders go Tuesday or Wednesday depending on volume.  Happy Shopping!  My new cell phone is a Droid and is an internet phone too so I'll be able to view all orders and answer any questions.  Wow technology is awesome.  The new phone is like a mini-computer. 
Wishing you all a most wonderful Valentine's Day!  My 29th anniversary is this weekend so we are going away for a romantic camping trip in the desert!
Mail Order 9339 Sleeveless Dress with Yoke Bodice + Transfer 1970's a true get ready for summer dress.  Will summer ever get here?  For those of you on the East coast hang in there it will arrive!  I shoveled my last snow 6 years ago.

A big thanks to Lanna Lu (aka Linda)  for the stickers!  They are so appreciated.  I'll be using them for sure next week.

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