Saturday, February 6, 2010

McCall's 9569 Lunch at the Waldorf Dress & Accessories 1953 such a high glass gal outfit.  It's comes with Changeable Accessories a Dickey, Plastron, Collar, "Scarf."  Very rare - though I did find one other on the internet which I snatched up as well because it is a different size.
HAPPY SUPER BOWL WEEKEND TOO!  I don't have a pony in this race so it will be fun to just watch and enjoy.  I do like Peyton Manning that little charmer but the Saints - well it would be awesome if they would win too.  Pizza & margaritas will be happenin'!

I'm anxious to get started on going thru and listing all those old Vogue patterns but they haven't arrived yet.  Hopefully soon.  I'll be going away for my 29th anniversary next Thursday and will return home the following Monday.  Yes going camping but to a different place - it will be "hard pack" not sand.  We went there last year (Ocotillo Wells) and loved it so it will be nice to go back.  And of course a sale will be happening!  Stay tuned.

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nancyc20 said...

Love the "plastron"...plaster on??? Wonder how that thing stays on...