Friday, March 26, 2010

Advance 8276 Cheery Italian Shirt, Shorts & Capri Pants / ca. 1957 and I Love This Shirt!  Super rare pattern too.  The shorts & pants don't ring my bell but oooooh that shirt!  Not sure this picture size shows the unique button bodice flaps - check out the full size on my site.  Okay I didn't look on the back to see if these are actual or faux flaps but the button decor is darling.

Had a customer give me a head's up to another auction site called Bonanzle which I hadn't heard of.  I looked at it briefly and seems to have alot of stuff.  Ebay is getting too annoying and hard to navigate so if you're looking to buy or sell check this new auction site out.  Let me know what you think.
Hard to pick a picture for today's feature because I have a bunch of really fun patterns today and also some sewing books that you might like so check out today's listings.
Did find a very unique and rare Everybody's Sew & Go Magazine + Patterns 1973 which has so many fun "patterns" inside.  They are pattern pieces in miniature so you can make your own.  Complete step by step instructions included and if you are looking to recapture those hippie days this is up your alley.

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