Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Butterick 3898 Dynamite Knit Dress 1970's nothing glitzy about this dress but it sure is a beauty.  A very complimentary shape to it.  I had never seen a Butterick Seams Slimmer pattern before.  Checked on Ebay and there are 9 listed.  So they aren't that common and they look figure flattering.

Had my very first order from a lady in St. Petersburg, Russia and how thrilling that was!   Many orders from around the world but there are still a few countries I'm looking forward to shipping to.  Still looking to sell in the Middle East (though I have sold to Israel before) - oh but I have sold to Americans living in Bahrain.  That doesn't count however - dang.

 Can't resist adding an extra featured pattern today with this McCall's 6292 Head Turner Overblouse, Skirt & Shorts 1962
and that "jacket" aka overblouse is the cat's meow.  Little high pockets and I'm already picking out the buttons. 

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