Friday, March 12, 2010

Mail Order 1898 Angelic Dorothy Dress 1940's one of the rare plus size mail order 40's patterns that I have found.  Whenever I find a plus pattern that isn't blah I buy it to list.  Too many are bland and boring.  This one isn't however!

A lovely lady recently contacted me about buying a bulk lot of patterns.  I always cringe a bit when buying blind but wasn't disappointed at all.  I got the first box (173 patterns didn't fit in one box) and keeled over.  Most are 1950's - 1970's with a few 1940's.  The 1950's are spectacular with some mail order designer ones that will knock your socks off.  I'll start on them next week.

We are heading out for a day of cruising the desert.  Spring is here and is sunny and will be in the 70's today.  We'll pack a picnic lunch and just enjoy life.  Blessings!

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