Thursday, May 20, 2010

SALE NOTICE!  I am starting a 15% off Pattern Sale at noon tomorrow until Sunday night.  I'll post in the morning the code word so that you readers can get a few hours bonus shopping time before I formally send notice of the sale.

Vogue 7571 Dining on the Titanic Dress 2002 could any dress be more magical? This beauty is extremely rare which is odd as it is only a 2002.  Perhaps it wasn't produced in great amounts or were totally snatched up and used.  The few I found on the internet were higher than what I am listing it for.

This might be a good moment to give some advice to those of you who are looking for vintage or scarce patterns.  One word of advice: RESEARCH.  It takes me longer with each and every pattern I list to research than to list.  I first check the Vintage Pattern Wikia and then go to Ebay, then I do a Google search.  I follow each and every link to see size, condition, price.  When you are researching and buying don't forget to check for shipping!  I have found a scarce pattern on Ebay and when I go to buy it I find that shipping has been jacked up so much the pattern isn't a deal.  When you find a pattern you can't live without - hesitate - and do your research.  Even on my site - hesitate - research.  Patterns are priced according to that day's listing research.  Things change and I am always rechecking and adjusting prices accordingly.

Thanks to Maggie at for the blog about my website and my many costume patterns.  Right after her posting I had a very nice sale that came from her site - big thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I'm using this pattern for my wedding dress. It wasn't until I tried to find a picture of it online that I figured out how rare it was. I rescued my copy from shredding when I was working at a fabric store about 3-4 years ago. I just fell in love with it. Now that I know more about it, I will be taking care to keep it in good condition when I use it which meens I will make a working muslin FIRST.