Friday, May 27, 2011

Mail Order 4996 Unforgettable Cape Collar Dress 1963

Memorial Weekend Sale
20% off all orders when you use Coupon Code HONOR at checkout.
Sale ends Monday Night.  All paid orders will go out Tuesday or Wednesday
Featured vintage pattern is Mail Order 4996 Unforgettable Cape Collar Dress 1963 which though not pictured also comes with a "3/4 sleeve" -  Who would put a sleeve on this beauty - no way Jose!

Nancy my dear you always come up with the funnest websites - like your email today with About.Com featuring help for people who lose their keys.  It's bookmarked for me to view later today.  I need help!  About.Com is a fascinating site - truly tells you anything you might think you want to know.  I've bookmarked the entire site under my "Dictionaries" bookmark.  It will get used for sure.

Featured new is another summer dress pattern.  I must be thinking heat as it's been consistently around 100 lately and I'm sorting thru my t-shirts & tank tops and shorts for cool wear.  McCall's 5800 Summertime Party Dress 2009
I won't be blogging again until Tuesday or listing again until Tuesday.  My husband has Monday off so I want it to be a real long weekend.  Have a safe and fun holiday weekend! 


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