Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simplicity 3555 Shirtwaist Dress with Belled Skirt / ca. 1960

This shirtwaist dress brings country western singing to mind:  Simplicity 3555 Shirtwaist Dress with Belled Skirt / ca. 1960 or the TV image of the perfect housewife!  I'd prefer a gentler skirt without the stiffy slip under it.  Remember sitting down and it would poof in the front so you'd have to hold it down?  Okay I'm scaring myself ...

We had a very nice holiday weekend and fortunately our plans didn't include going camping or to the river.  The wind blew and blew and we had a blowing sand and dust hazard warning up until yesterday.  So we went shopping and to the movies and had dinner out.   We saw the new Pirates movies and so enjoyed it.  Yesterday we went 4-wheeling and were out almost 8 hours.  Here is what we saw:  An owl's nest in a Saguero cactus with an owl peeking out, a golden eagle, vultures, roadrunners, lots of birds, and the best was a gray fox!  Unfortunately in spite of the perfect weather snakes.  Really - I like snakes.

Featured  new is:  McCall's 5751 Dishy Straight Pullover Dress 2008 an attractive sheath style that would be super in a red flowered fabric - kind of 50's looking IMO

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