Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vogue 9785 Quirky Fashion of a Skirt OR Cape 1959

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Vogue 9785 Quirky Fashion of a Skirt OR Cape 1959 and this "combo" is a first for me.  It says this is a skirt "or" a cape but it also says you can wear the cape as a skirt.  Now that's what I call unique!  The "double breasted" look is so very pretty on the skirt. 

I am such a dope.  I had an odd posting by a friend and thought "what is this?" and clicked on it to view it and OMG it sent the link to everyone in my Facebook friends list.  It's a virus exclusive to Facebook dammit!  If any of you got it I apologize - my bad as they used to say.  I knew better than to click on something but thought it was Facebook and friends send stuff.  Wrong.  I immediately put in a posting with a huge WARNING WARNING on it and hope that at least stops it on their end.  Grrrrrrrr makes me want to do a smack down on the creator.

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