Monday, May 9, 2011

Sue Burnett 1443 Double Breasted Dress & Tie Belt 1972

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day whether you or your own mother were celebrated!  I so miss my mother on this special day.  If you have lost your mother you will know it was a day with some sadness to it too.  Luckily I have a simply awesome MIL who I adore.  My husband and I took her and her BFF Cecelia (she doesn't have any family close to take her) to the Asian Star and we had a hoot.  Carol and Cecelia are so funny and they had all the tables around us in stitches.  Carol says she can make a friend in a bathroom and it's true.  I drank too much Sake and was buzzed enough that I didn't even freak out when Carol drove us home.  I usually swear to never get in a car that she's behind the wheel of - truly.  Feeling sluggish today - grin.  Didn't get my listings done until just now but they are up and ready.

Sue Burnett 1443 Double Breasted Dress & Tie Belt 1972 and though it is early 1970's it still retains the late 1960's "Mad Men" styling.  I thought at first glance that the flaps were pockets but they are strictly decorative to pull the tie belt thru.  Just plain like this one.
A friend did a posting on Facebook about her nephew's business and if you have a dog check it out!  Each doggie toy is assigned a "color" and each color designates a charity that some of the proceeds will go to.  It has created quit a buzz in Southern California and even was written about in the Orange County Register.  I bought a Disc for my "niece" Jane - it's a dog water bowl that doubles as a "frisbee" and is "durable" - we'll be checking it out with a very rambunctious yellow lab named Jane.

Here is the link:  Dura Doggie / Durable Dog Toys

Butterick 6836 Race Day Double Breasted Dress 1993 which I have multiple copies of so you can pick your size.  I had one size already but added the others.  It has just a great shape to it.  Not just because it is figure hugging but the lines are nice.  Good for a summer event that needs a special dress.

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