Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mail Order 4953 Button Front Dress with Great Bodice 1970's

Certainly I have older and more rare vintage patterns to feature but this button tab bodice strikes me as being a winner.  Mail Order 4953 Button Front Dress with Great Bodice 1970's

A very successful sale weekend - so much so I have spent the last two days packaging and only today was I able to list after scanning this morning.  Whew - it's nice to sell so much but dang packaging is a pain when rushed to get out orders when I know buyers can't wait LOL -

Got that huge shipment of mail order patterns today and just picked my jaw off the floor.  A gazillion 60's Prominent Designer patterns UNCUT to boot.  A number of 1950's and 60's and into the early 1970's other mail order patterns.  Can't wait to start listing them - some are so awesome.

Featured new is Butterick 5049 Classic Shift Dress & Tie Blouse 2007 and I am lucky to have found two of these.  They come in all sizes fortunately.  Very versatile combo.

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gladrags said...

I have so many of these patterns...I come from a long line of makers...just salvaged a box of my aunt's patterns (1940s-2000s), to add to my own (1970s+) and my mother' where can I hide them?... what a collection my daughters will have!

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Definitely to be treasured and kept!