Monday, August 22, 2011

Vogue 9476 Flared Caftan Dress or Top 1980's

Vogue 9476 Flared Caftan Dress or Top 1980's or maybe late 1970's it's hard to tell.  Not a big fan of the long or the short one but the middle one is "just right" - a neat "tent" dress.  My favorite type of fashion to wear on a hot day here in Yuma.  Let's the air flow - ahhhhhhh.  Makes me think of cruising a farmer's market or swap meet.  Cash & chapstick in one pocket, driver's license, checkbook & credit cards in another.  Keeping hands free to peruse the merchandise.

Promise to post daily - It will be a short week of today thru Thursday for listings and Friday taking off and having a long weekend sale too so stay tuned for posting on Thursday.  My readers will get 20% off instead of regular sale of 15%.  We are having company again to go boating at the river and can't wait.  We are hosting more people than before.  Guess the word got out how much fun we had - grin.

The featured new patterns are from the 1980's and I'm putting in both because they are so awesome I can't decide which is better.

Simplicity 9020 Priceless Wrap Dress & Jumpsuit 1989 - oh that dress is so luscious!  A very rare find indeed -
This era of Simplicity patterns have remained very sought after.  Not a fan of the jumpsuit but I'm not a fan of any jumpsuit.  Too much trouble to get in and out of - and I always think of things like using the bathroom and things like that.  Too practical LOL

Simplicity 9041 Awesome Wrap Bodice Dress 1989- do I need to even say anything?

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