Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McCall's 9119 Adorable One-Piece Wrap Around 1967

It's still summer so check out McCall's 9119 Adorable One-Piece Wrap Around 1967 for experienced or beginners.  It's the look that matters!

 I'll be having a sale this weekend Friday thru Late Sunday Night.  It's been about a month and I meant to have one last weekend but got sidetracked.  Check in on Thursday for the coupon code.  The sale will be for 20% for you readers.  Stay tuned!

Friends send me videos all the time from sites mostly Youtube and this one is a great one:  Coolest Dog in the World for dog lovers only!

Had a super weekend at the river with some friends.  Spent all day Friday and Saturday camped on a sandbar with a picnic lunch and lots of snacks.  Our friends had 3 jetskis and oh my gosh that is so fun.  It was a first time for me but having ridden motorcycles, quads and snowmobiles I felt quite at home and ripped around madly.  Here's a picture of my husband and of our "campsite"

Featured new is:  Butterick 6576 Superb Blouson Dress Fit or Flared 1993 and the choice of skirt styles make it hard to pick which one to use. 

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