Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simplicity 8834 Zippy Blouse & Tank Top 1970

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Simplicity 8834 Zippy Blouse & Tank Top 1970 is the featured vintage pattern.  Okay it's not an oldie moldie but I just like it.  It's just so standard yet so useable.  Plain tank top or overblouse or plain or fancy.  Single color or flowered - I can picture making a bunch of these at one time.

Wild ride on Wall Street this week.  So glad we are out of it now.  Couldn't take the stress anymore with the global economy so shaky too.  Now is the time to start making our own clothes and save on money for sure.  A financial guy I listen to alot mentioned last year that a business to get into was sewing because this was a direction people would go back to when the economy worsens.  Made my head pop up for sure.  Alot of my customers mention this is why they are looking for patterns so at least my business hasn't been suffering yet and hope that the positive trend for me continues.  Sigh -

On July 18th I posted the new featured pattern of McCall's 6958 and I had located a number of others in different sizes.  So if you liked it but it wasn't your size check again

Quick before the end of summer here is McCall's 8192 Maximum Sexy Swimsuits 1996

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