Tuesday, December 6, 2011

McCall 6935 Debutante Dress with Swirly Skirt 1947

McCall 6935 Debutante Dress with Swirly Skirt 1947 - this beauty so caught my eye!  Sadly it's in junior size but just feast your eyes on it even if it's not your size.

SALE with 20% off still ongoing until midnight Wednesday so there's still plenty of time to shop.  Use coupon code JOY2U during checkout for your discount.

I have been quite the domestic goddess this week.  Made a home made chili (quite spicy!) yesterday, and also made raisin bread in the bread machine.  Today's menu is home made beef stew.  Okay too much red meat LOL but it's finally cold here and chili and stew and soups are hitting the spot.

Featured new is a very popular McC Old West Brand design from McCall's:  McCall's 7123 Wonderful Western Shirt for Men & Women 1994.  Usually my friend Sandra zaps onto this design lickety split but not as of now.  Even if she does snatch it I have another one on the way in the same sizes, so if it's gone when you click over check back in about a week.  If you like this style check out the other McC Old West Brand Patterns I have.
Gift Idea:  Instead of a Snuggie this is much more useful!  Vogue 9731 Comfy Fleece Unisex Top & Pants 1997 for men and women and comes in all sizes.  Great to open a gift that you can put on right away on a cold Christmas morning.

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