Monday, December 12, 2011

Simplicity 1310 Bombshell Three-Piece Suit / ca. 1955

Simplicity 1310 Bombshell Three-Piece Suit / ca. 1955 with a superb side zipper opening for the blouse with a "faux" button flap in front.  Definitely a bombshell outfit with that nip waisted overblouse.

We are staying home this Christmas and planning on making some special dishes.  Harry's mom and two of her best friends who don't have family anywhere near here are coming to spend Christmas dinner with us.  Not sure what the main dish will be - I favor a "rack of pork loin" kind of like a rack of lamb with the same type of cut but pork.  One of my favorites.  Brush some seasoning on it and put it cooking slow on the BBQ - mmmm.  Christmas Eve will be the traditional Oyster Stew and spiked eggnog which will no doubt carry into Christmas Day.

Do you have any favorite or special or traditional foods you make or just enjoy!  Always looking for something new ...

Featured "new" is:   Vogue 8825 Breath of Fresh Air Jacket, Skirt & Pants 1993 with an outdoorsy long jacket and a nice swirly skirt - I note it's a bit "see thru" and the fabric suggestions say:  Challis, silk like crepe, silk like jacquard & georgette.

The pants are a nothing special but that nice jacket and skirt could sure set you apart from the crowd.

For the gift suggestion here is :  McCall's 9605 Quiet Time for Toddlers 25" Dolls & Clothes 1998 just for a young 'un who likes big huggable dolls.  For a quick sewer I think there's just enuf time ----

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