Thursday, December 8, 2011

Simplicity 2345 Divine Shirtwaist Dress / ca. 1958

Featured vintage pattern is Simplicity 2345 Divine Shirtwaist Dress / ca. 1958 with or without pockets?  With of course.  I don't have the envelope for this one sadly.  It is uncut however and very rare.  I have waited for a couple of years for one to pop up somewhere on the internet so I could see what it looked like and finally yesterday one popped up.

I have been on a Christmas listing frenzy!  A nice gentleman contacted me not long ago and a family member who sewed had passed away and had so many great patterns he didn't want to throw away.  I bought them all "as a lump sum" and so many were craft patterns that I don't usually find.  With the gift giving season upon us I have been scanning like a madwoman.

Here is a link to all the crafty patterns I listed today:  Dolls, Toys & Bear Patterns

Here is a link to the Christmas patterns I put in today:  Christmas Patterns

I missed blogging yesterday so here is a link to Wednesday's patterns where there are also more crafty and Christmas goodies.

More doll patterns being put in tomorrow I hope.  Have a doctor appointment later today and that is just one of the bumps in the road to Christmas - grin.

Featured new is:  Burda 8090 Festive Skirt - Below Waist 2000's a very complimentary fitting skirt.  When I was recuperating from back surgery a few years ago I got hooked on What Not to Wear (if only I would use their advice on myself!) and this style of waist really is slimming in the tummy area.

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