Friday, July 6, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 7075 Fantastique Flirty Thirties' Dress 1930's

I sure hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!  I was having a wonderfully relaxing day until I broke a toe on my left foot.  No it's not just stubbed - I felt a break and since it is purple and swollen and I am unable to put any weight on it felt that was an accurate diagnosis.  Dang.  There is only one pair of flip flops that will even let me walk in them - barely.  It took all my time yesterday to just hobble around LOL.  Not much done really.  Not much done today either.

Had to put a few special listings in today that were put in the last few days.  Too awesome to not show you.

Two more 1930's ones:  Patron Modele 17041 Tres' Magnifique Wrap Peignoir 1930's and Les Patrons Universels 7075 Fantastique Flirty Thirties' Dress 1930's

I will put in another one on Monday and also have a couple more coming from this same lady.   For Mad Men fans check out Anne Adams 4593 Betty's Eye Popping Tight Dress 1963 and a bit more recent is this summery dress:  Marian Martin 9335 Sweet Summer Dress 1978 in a size 20 1/2.

What a sad picture this poor envelope has but the pattern is perfect:  Simplicity 8540 Epoch Evening Dress, Sash or Stole 1969 - and it's a rare uncut one.  A number of "cut complete" out there but this may be the only and last uncut in the world.  Just kidding.

Newer ones that I like this week are this Simplicity 7160 Breath of Fresh Air Dress & Belt 1991 and
another New Look 6781 Edgy Eighties' Supermodel Dress 1980's a right off the catwalk look.

Back to the couch and an ice pack on my foot.  Have a great weekend!



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