Monday, July 16, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 6509 Depression Era Élancé Skirt 1930's

Hope you all had a got shot at the sale over the weekend.  Quite alot of new and regular buyers enjoyed the sale.  Thanks so much!

It was a bit of luck to decide to have the sale when I did.  My boy kitty Pugsley who has been battling kidney failure got much worse Wednesday night and I had to have him put down on Thursday morning.  I had hoped to "home hospice" him but he turned a corner for the worse and I could tell he was suffering.  Luckily I had some medicine that I give his sister for her severe arthritis and I kept him sedated until the end.  Don't you just hate taking an animal to the vet and worrying about their last minutes being stressed?  He was too sleepy to be stressed and that made it easier on me.  Sitting at my desk today I keep thinking I hear him rustling around in the office and expect to see him when I turn around.  Weird - there are noises around the house I only associate with him and it's not his sister.

Mark on your calendar that I will be having an extended sale from July 25th thru the 29th.  My husband and I are going to Dallas, TX.  I will post the coupon code info on Tuesday the 24th that will go into affect on that Wednesday.   It's been a few years since we have actually gone somewhere!  We do alot of camping trips or down to visit family but this will be a traveling treat for us!  I hate to fly however.  Harry loves it so he gets the window seat and I get a few shots of Cuervo.

Featured new is the last of the 1930's for a while.  I am eyeballing a couple more from the lady I got these from but they don't blow my skirt up that much.  Les Patrons Universels 6509 Depression Era Élancé Skirt 1930's 

This next vintage item has alot of them out there but I only found 2 that were uncut.  Simplicity 4238 Waifish Sleeveless Blouse / ca. 1953 and this is also uncut.  So charming!  The little faux pocket flaps, armhole trim, pixie collar - yum yum.

From darling to useful - McCall's 5604 Casual Outing Set of Stretch Knit Tops 1977 that I just find so appealing for me.  Being a bit tomboyish it's up my alley.  A great "throw on" top - for a cool day or for over a bathing suit.

Last vintage is : Spadea N-1012 High Society Front & Back Panelled Coat 1965 a rare find.   If you are looking for a winter coat or a raincoat check it out.

Three cute new patterns to feature today:



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Katrina Blanchalle said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty! I'm glad you were able to keep him comfortable in the last days. That is so hard.
I send my sympathy, plus hopes for a bit of coller weather, and quick healing for your toe.