Monday, July 9, 2012

Patron Modele 28076 Depression Era Wrap Around Skirt 1930's

Learning some French lately - grin.  A Jupe Portefeuille is a wrap skirt. Patron Modele 28076 Depression Era Wrap Around Skirt 1930's - note the pretty lines of this skirt with a front kick pleat.

Next vintage is an Anne Adams.  In my favorite year (lately anyhow) the 1960's.  Anne Adams 4884 Betty's Haute Blouse & Skirt 1961 a look that is filled with class.

Keeping it short today - Mondays are tough getting it all together to list and ship.

For new listing this is an interesting Vogue from Langerfeld.  Vogue 1861 Commanding Jacket, Blouse & Pants 1996 which is a little hard to see as the pattern envelope is quite worn and faded.  Check out the C picture as the front of the jacket is pretty neat.  I could only find two on the internet though I imagine they pop up now and again but I had to laugh.  One was sold and one is for $75 - huh?  I mean it's nice but come on!  Must be a typo ??

Lastly I was quite taken with this Simplicity 3678 Knit Dress with Bodice & Sleeve Variations 2007 especially the sleeveless one which could also be used as a jumper.

Off to the post office!


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