Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Les Patrons Universels 6189 Extrêmement Classique Dress 1930's

I'm doing a four day sale starting tomorrow!  The coupon code will kick in at midnight for 20% off for you readers.  The coupon code will be WAY2HOT since it is in the 110+ range these last few weeks.  Sale will last until Sunday night midnight.  I just need a few days off to heal this dang broken toe.  Too much time up and down a ladder just isn't helping it heal.  I will be mailing orders on and off but surely not later than Monday or Tuesday next week.  You'll get an email from Paypal to verify when your order ships.  ENJOY THE SALE!

Featured vintage pattern is another of those amazing 1930's patterns I just can't get enough of.  True eye candy.  Les Patrons Universels 6189 Extrêmement Classique Dress 1930's  This is my favorite so far - that boxy yoke and blouson bodice with gathers - oh my!  One more coming I think - oh yeah it is a skirt to die for.

More newer ones today that I just love than the vintage ones.  My favorite newish for today is this Style 2318 Heartbreaker Dress with Magyar (aka Batwing) Sleeves 1994.  I wanted to put this in quick quick before my customer friend Sandra grabs it LOL.  So far she's not seen it.  If you want it - be quick!  I actually learned something new today.  Had to look up Magyar Sleeve.  It doesn't look like a true batwing but well that's what it says.  No matter it's fantabulous!  Nuthin' like a vintage Style Pattern though the newer ones are nice too.  The 1980's and 90's are the best though IMO.  This one makes me want to put taps on my boots and twirl around until I get dizzy.


Off to the post office - have a fun time picking patterns out during the sale.  God Bless!




lsaspacey said...

OMG! I have been trying to track down that Style pattern for years. I made it years ago and wanted to have an image of the pattern to archive. Without knowing the number I couldn't find anything about it and just hoped that one day I would come across it again on the Internet. Thank you!

If you want to see this dress sewn up w/ the magyar sleeves (!) check out my blog post here:

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

What an awesome sewer you are! I'm just so impressed. The dark chocolate color was so rich and really made the dress too. My friend Sandra snatched that pattern up so quick the ink barely had time to dry LOL - but at least you know the number now. Hope it's okay if I use the pictures in a blog later this week????

lsaspacey said...

Sure, no problem!