Tuesday, December 4, 2012

McCall's 6262 Saucy Shirtwaist Dress with Two Skirts 1962

Barely on my feet today - wow.  Luckily I am "ahead" of my scanning so it's a piece of cake to put a listing in.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends & great food!

McCall's 6262 Saucy Shirtwaist Dress with Two Skirts 1962 a jaunty shirtwaister with the option of skirt.  Having a bubble butt I always prefer the svelte look - grin.

Butterick 5154 Bolero Effect Dress / ca. 1950 a neat funnel necked fashion.  The two-tone look is too classic to resist.

Vogue 8877 Hottie Halter "Coat" Dress & Jacket 1970's a can't resist halter dress with a bit winged collar.  Toss that jacket - no need for it!

Here's a mid-range oldie from the 1980's that is an Eighties' treat!  Vogue 2875 Beverly Hills Coat, Camisole & Pants 1980's  who more can be said?  Soooooo 80's!

I've had some really cute casual jumper or dress patterns and here's another:   McCall's 7900 Straight Fitting Jumper 1995
Very elegant and love the waistline on this Butterick 3066 Willowy Dress with Straight or Flared Skirt 1993
Is there a bombshell casual look?  If so this is it:  McCall'S 3565 Striking Dress, Top & Skirt 2002
Always a fan of the NY Collection patterns and if you are a beatnik at heart this is for you:  McCall's 6787 Epic Boho Bolero, Top, Skirt & Pants 1993 

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