Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Advance 3090 Stand Out Dress with Pleated Skirt / ca. 1962

Just a killer beautiful and classy dress - great big pleats too.  Advance 3090 Stand Out Dress with Pleated Skirt / ca. 1962 
From the 60's to 70's and a whole different style of class long sleeved for cool evenings or short sleeved sheath for summer:  McCall's 2829 Divine Dress & Shawl 1971
I'm not a huge fan of kid's patterns unless they are vintage.  Truly they don't sell that well - I think that kid's outgrow things so fast that putting time and money into them is kind of a waste.  In case you wondered that's why I rarely put in kid's patterns.  Now this next one is vintage and uncut too.  Simplicity 1287 Child's Blouse & Blouse-Petticoat / ca. 1955
This next one turns out to be pretty rare.  I'm always surprised when 70's patterns don't turn up in a Google search.  It's a super style and I know there must be more out there!  Simplicity 6140 Zesty Front Wrap Top, Short Skirt & Pants 1973
Wow this next one sold quickly - Advance 6534 Charismatic Blouse with High Neckline / ca. 1953.
Newer patterns start off with this great looker!  Vogue 8714 Dreamy Jacket & Vest 2011 
Don't wait for summer to grab this one:  Simplicity 7917 Extra-Ordinary Summer Dress 1992

I swear I've had this one before - very graceful:   Vogue 9451 Any Time of Day Dress with Two Skirts 1996

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