Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vogue 5816 Striking Suit Dress / ca. 1946

Feast your eyes on this beauty - Vogue 5816 Striking Suit Dress / ca. 1946 so full of class that it takes my breath away.  Beautiful waist darts on top and a double breasted bodice.  Sigh.  Such a timeless look that can be worn today in any boardroom or courtroom.
This next vintage pattern has a great description "Soft and fluid --- fresh, new look on the fashion scene."  Butterick 6766 "Soft and Fluid" Dress with Four Gore Skirt / ca. 1954 and some gorgeous neckline gathers and choice of collars.  Blue Ribbon here!

A few of the small knit and crochet "Fashion Parade" books to go in and this one went in today.  Star Book No. 189 Fashion Parade "Mad Men" Outfits 1960's - for such a little booklet it packs a Mad Men punch!

Here are a few of the yummies inside:

For shirtdress lovers this brand new one is a must.  McCall's 6506 Sugar & Spice "Shirt" Dress 2012 which I have in two sizes.  Sleeveless & casual with nice deep pockets too.

Need something more professional?  Like a smart pantsuit from Guy Laroche?  It's a Vogue Paris Original pattern:  Vogue 2205 Sharp as a Tack Jacket & Pants 1998

 There's something about the lines of this dress that make it super attractive. Vogue 7472 Nicely Stitched Dress with Neckline Variations 2001 and the square neckline IMO is the best.  It's sized for moderate stretch knits and I'm always impressed when there is a nice "shape" to a waistline which this has.  Slimming -

That will do it for today!


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