Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Advance 8972 Wrap Around Sunback Dress / ca. 1959

Oh dear mother-in-law fell while out walking last week (she's 75) and broke her nose, scraped her knees and broke her thumb on her left hand.  She told  me she was just fine so I didn't worry - but then Monday she decided she wasn't fine.  Doctor appointment yesterday with the surgeon and she is going to have it pinned next Monday.  Her nose has a slight bump but it adds more character LOL so nothing needs fixing there.  Looks like alot of chores to be done so she can rest that poor sore hand.  This weekend cleaning her little park model, changing her sheets, doing all her laundry, etc.  Luckily it's her left hand so she can still have a beer with her friends bwahaahaa.  No alcohol involved in original accident!

Nothing listed Monday but got some in yesterday before I headed out to another appointment with the MIL.  Got some awesome oldies in today too.

Weather warming up - it's going to be 93 today.  WTH?  It was just in the 70's so that's quite a jump.

We went to the Air Show at the Marine Base on Saturday and then headed to the famous Yuma Lettuce Days (just kidding).  Yuma in the Lettuce Capitol of the World - bet you didn't know that!  I got connected with a local organic food grower (Hillside Farms) that has the most amazing veggies.  They have San Marzano Tomatoes which are the best ever.  You can eat them sliced with a slight sprinkling of salt and pepper on them.  If you can ever find them I highly recommend them.

More 70's patterns arrived and I have several more boxes on the way.

Here are the best of the best for yesterday and today:

Dreamboat date dress - Advance 8972 Wrap Around Sunback Dress / ca. 1959.  A true movie star fashion ready to wear today.

Can't get over the old Thirties' patterns from France I have been finding:  Patron Modele 22001 Work of Art "Jaquette" Morning Jacket 1930's


Love the skirt on this long waisted beauty.  I have a few sizes and perhaps more coming.  McCall's 2139 Long Torso Dress with Pleated Skirt 1969 

What a great two-piecer this dress is:  McCall's 2371 Hippie Hostess Dress & Pants 1970

I have this one in two sizes - still enough cold weather left!  McCall's 6349 Sumptuous Wrap Coat or Car Coat 1978

Check out the pictures (and there are alot!) for this Fleisher's Knitting & Crochet Manual / Early 1900's Fashions to Die For 1916 - nothing like WW1 fashions! 

Newer favorites posted:

I acquired another of this sought after pattern: 
I have this figure enhancing skirt in numerous sizes:  McCall's 6339 Snug Fitting Skirt in Two Lengths 1993 

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