Thursday, March 14, 2013

Woman's Day 5024 Amazing Wrap Pouch Pocketed Tunic & Skirt 1950's

No doubt about it - this is number one for today:  Woman's Day 5024 Amazing Wrap Pouch Pocketed Tunic & Skirt 1950's.  The ultimate housewife's look for the 1950's.  Great tunic top with a waitress pouch in front to keep all the little things a wife needs during the day like clothespins,bobby pins, string, coupons.  Today however great to stick a cell phone or IPod!

What a great coat this is - Simplicity 5408 Tip Top "Detective" Coat 1972.  I can picture this in dove grey for some reason.  Maybe a silvery shinnery color for evening.  The fabric suggested doesn't seem to include a raincoat fabric but I guess you could do that.  It would be a fine rain coat.

The vest on this outfit is just the bomb:  Simplicity 5267 Look Twice Mini-Skirt, Vest & Pants 1972.  Unique waist seaming and then a long almost "peplum" style to it.  No need to wear a blouse under it - wait for warm weather and wear it as a sleeveless top.
This next cutey pie I have in only one junior size but there may be other sizes in the boxes that are on the way right now so if it won't work for you check back.  Remember granny dresses?  Cute and comfy - had a few myself.  Simplicity 9617 Groovy Dress or Tunic & Bell Bottom Pants 1971

Here are a few new ones that are pretty special:  McCall's 6553 Edgy Asymmetrical Dress & Belt 2012 with a flowing asymmetrical hemline.  Comfortable loose look -

and this super pretty and sexy top McCall's 6605 Breezy Oversized Top & Tunic 2012 with a sheer fabric option.  Woo hoo.


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