Monday, March 4, 2013

McCall's 3273 Spirited High Waisted Halter Dress or Jumper 1972

I'm still putting in, and getting in the mail almost daily, a ton of 70's patterns.  I'm almost done (maybe) buying all this nice lady has from her former store.  More Junior Miss or Junior Petite than I care for but some smaller misses' sizes too.  Alot of my customers don't mind the smaller sizes as they are pro's adjusting to fit.  I'm not so adventurous or so skilled sadly.

Oh my gosh some exciting news for my husband and I.  We love the cooking channels (when did we become such nerds? LOL) and Chef Robert Irvine is coming to a big fancy casino near us on the 19th.  Of course we are going.  The better to see a master at work.  I heard they were going to tape the event for TV but not sure.  Definitely need a new outfit! 

Speaking of new outfits - my husband got a Guy Fieri (sp?) chef apron over the weekend and since I can't stand to not get one too I ordered this one on Ebay (it's a reversible apron so I get two pretty looks in one) with both cupcakes and ice cream cones.  I was super tempted at some on Etsy but they were a bit rich for me - being hand made and one of a kind they were worth it but just out of my range:

Being "me" I almost got one with cats on it but am afraid of turning into that "cat woman" that people talk about - grin.

Not a boring week to be had this month - last Saturday was the Midnight at the Oasis car show.  Lots more cars this year than last and the weather was perfect at 87 degrees.  Shorts and t-shirt and flip flop weather.  Next weekend is the MCAS Air Show and then Chef Irvine. 

Harry has gone over the top cooking.  He has made from scratch pizza (dough, sauce & mozarella), lasagna (dough, sauce & cheese and noodles), pulled pork sandsiches (18 hour smoked pork, BBQ sauce, and including the onion rolls) and more.  Dang I am spoiled.  We saw on the cooking channels that mozarella is easy to make.  Okay it's easy but time consuming - and also the most delicious you've ever eaten.  He is quite anxious to try more so I got him a cook book of cheese recipes.  We've got to get a cheese press for the harder cheeses - the good ones are a bit pricey so that will come later on.  We'll stick with the softer ones for now.

On to patterns!  My fav of today is this one:

McCall's 3273 Spirited High Waisted Halter Dress or Jumper 1972 such a carefree look!  More sizes are coming I think.

Get ready for summer!  Simplicity 9378 Beachcomber Dress or Top & Bikini 1971 and additional sizes are on the way.

Simplicity 9630 Trendy Dress or Tunic & Pants 1971 - the epitomy of a mod but career or date classic look.  Nothing extreme - I guess "neat" is the word.


With summer in mind the one above and now this one will be very handy:  Simplicity 2608 Fancy Knit Skirt & Pants or Shorts 2009 a versatile and dressy or casual skirt, pants combo.
On to a couple of Vogue listings that ring my bell:  Vogue 8072 Loose Fitting Hoodie Shirt 1991.  Oversized - check!  Hood - check! Flared i.e. Tented - check!  Stylish - check!

The Vogue Marcy Tilton Wearable Art patterns are so ritzy.  Vogue 7395 Glamorous Raised Neck Jacket 2001 that has an Asian flair about it.

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Jen said...

You made me smile today - I have that McCall's 7651 and it made the cutest pair of pants! I still have them somewhere, though I don't fit in them now. Maybe someday...

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

They're great aren't they! My days of wearing something that style are overrrrr! I can still dream ... Glad I made you smile!