Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7681 Snuggy Bodysuit, Dickies & Cuffs 1976

Three more HUGE boxes of late 60's and 70's patterns came yesterday.  I am buried.  So if 70's is your thing stay tuned.  I will be putting some in every day thru the week.  Probably will burn my scanner up - smile.

I love Facebook.  I keep hearing how it's a waste of time and how people get so fixated being on some kind of social media they lose touch with people.  Huh?  I  have found old friends, connected with family who live in the UK and "Like" lots of sites that have things I enjoy or that inform.  Some great discussions to be joined in on, sharing of ideas, craft projects, and much more.  Oh and recipes!   Things I've learned:  I don't  have to "like" everything.  I don't have to "friend" everyone.  Be careful who you friend or what you sign up for.  Have you ever unfriended anyone?  I have - including some relatives bwahaaha.  You can pick your friends but you can't pick your relatives.  Ever been unfriended?  I have - to my great amusement.

One of the sites I like alot posted some information about making your own yogurt.  Bing - light went on.  So I researched and it can indeed be done.  Who knew?  So I am going to give it a try this week.  Wish me luck.  My favorite yogurt and one to which I am addicted is The Greek Gods Yogurt.  My favorite is the honey or honey vanilla.  The plain is great to use for smoothies or substitute for sour cream.  Not too keen on the other flavors though my husband likes them.  Here is the website I will use for my yogurt making attempt and of course I will be using Greek Gods plain yogurt as my starter.  The Art of Doing Stuff - Making Yogurt and also here is the full website which rocks.  So much good info for cooking and well just doing stuff!  The Art of Doing Stuff

My boy kitty Tobey has not stopped sneezing even after his second round of antibiotics so I took him to my private vet (he was treated at the Humane Society where I first adopted him) and found out he needs a booster for a virus that he has - he was given a shot just before we got him and this second shot should do the trick.  He isn't acting sick at all but had a very slight fever which is upsetting.  Now today Olive is sneezing - sheesh.  Her appointment for the booster is Thursday.  She keeps wanting to get in my lap this morning but I push her down and tell her mom must work to pay the vet bills!

Like most pet owners I believe that my cat is the most beautiful in the world - well both of them actually.  But I did find out why the Humane Society had listed Tobey as a Flame Point (aka Colorpoint".  It's actually an offshoot of the Siamese but is a separate breed.  The vet remarked that he was a beautiful "flame point" and so I Googled it when I got home.  I'll be darned - the pictures look just like him!  Flame Point Cats

Olive is also a "breed" - everyone that sees her says she is a Russian Blue and when researching them she has all the markings and distinctive characteristics.  Not surprised - she was given up at 5 1/2 years and had been well cared for and declawed.  Truly I could care less - my idea was to adopt at least one older cat.

Okay enough babbling.  I have a number of different sizes for this Simplicity 7681 Snuggy Bodysuit, Dickies & Cuffs 1976 - if you made that New Year's Resolution to exercise and haven't now's the time!



Jen said...

Making yogurt IS remarkably easy - my mom made it all the time when we were kids and we ate tons of it - plain, flavored with a spoon or two of homemade strawberry jam. Greek Gods is also the favorite in our house, too - the strawberry honey flavor is most popular, though the newer orange honey one is finding one or two fans. But I think I still miss the homemade yogurt of my childhood and I'm going to have to take time to start making it.

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Still haven't done it yet but I do know that the honey flavor is my favorite - will try the orange honey too which sounds delicious. Glad I got you inspired - now I need to find the time - grin.