Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Butterick 9008 Simply Irresistible Summer Dress & Jacket / ca. 1959 / SZ12 UNCUT

I could skip the jacket and just wear that dress - mmmmm mmmm.  Maybe even make the pockets a bit bigger - ?

If you have a young lady this is an adorable "Sub-Teen" Pattern - Advance 8905 Sub-Teen "Three Silhouettes" Dress / ca. 1959 / SZ14S UNCUT

Wish this was an adult size - that slimline with pleated bottom is TDF.

Looking forward to starting some veggies going and found this on a website.  Interesting stuff to "grow" easily starting in the house.  Food that Magically Regrows Itself

Do you have an old dresser or night stand?  Check out this cute project for your patio:

Pretty nifty and looks really easy to make.   Would also fit nicely into a kitchen area too.

I bake alot and use tons of vanilla extract.  Did you know you can make your own?  Well ... I didn't either LOL.  But in my internet wanderings I found out how easy it is.  All vanilla is made from alcohol (the drinking kind) and either "vanilla bean extractives" which is the cheapy way or by using real, fresh, vanilla beans.  The most common method is to use one cup of vodka and 6 vanilla beans sliced to open them so that their flavor is easily distributed.  I used a mason jar with lid.  After slicing cut the beans in half and put them in the vodka.  Put the lid on and shake well.  NOW for the bad part.  This must sit for 6 weeks and be shaken a few times a week (or if you are me and can't stand being inactive I shake it every day).  I happen to keep fresh vanilla beans on hand but they are easily ordered online - I buy at the Spice Sage but sometimes if the prices are too high depending on the season, I will buy them on Ebay.

If you love fresh spices I can't recommend enough The Spice Sage.  They have some killer cayenne and paprika peppers.  My favorite is the Smoked Paprika - O M G.

Well off to the kitchen - oh wait - one more posting of a pretty picture just to ooh and ahh.

This is a rather unknown breed of horse - the MARWAHI.  They come in all colors just like most horses but they have rather goofy and distinctive ears - grin.  I learn something new every day.

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