Friday, September 19, 2014

Hello pattern lovers!  Here are a few patterns that caught my eye this week:

Mail Order 4799 Spiffy Cape, Blouse & Pants 1970's / SZ14 UNCUT and though the top and pants are nice but blah I do really like the little caplet.  Fall is here and this little number is perfect for a cool day or evening.

Advance 2943 Rockabilly Chic Housecoat / ca. 1962 / SZ18 UNCUT and though stated as a housecoat a nifty wrap day dress or button button dress combined with that full skirt it's a perfect afternoon goin' out dress.  The envelope is pretty UGH but pattern perfect.

Though my favorite horses are the quarter horses or even Fresians because they are bulkier nothing beats an Arab for sheet elegance.  Check out this outstanding picture - it is taken by a famous horse photographer Raphael Macek:

Even if you don't life in the SoCal area this amazing organization is  doing  such good work rescuing homeless dogs and also saving senior dogs that have been taken to the animal shelter in the end days because they cannot afford vet bills or do not want to pay for the vet bills.  Having a special love for senior dogs I wish I lived in SoCal so I could be a foster mom to many of these senior dogs who just want to be loved in their last days.  Please check out their organization LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND or their Facebook page LEAVE NO PAWS BEHIND FACEBOOK:

Keeping with my Zombie Apocalypse fascination lately (yeah yeah I've read all the classics and must read books now I read to enjoy) I am so enjoying Eric Shelman's Dead Hunger books.  Seat gripping!  Get under the covers and read them with a flashlight.

In tribute to that amazing comic Robin Williams and if you want to have a good laugh after viewing zombie pictures - grin - here is his best routine IMO talking about playing golf with a Scotsman:

I have recently discovered that tree houses are the "in" thing and this is one of my favorites which incorporates tree house with lots of garden!

Well off to the grocery store!

Have a wonderful weekend!


STAshworth said...

I enjoy your multi-topic posts.

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Thank you! Downsizing my business is allowing me to have fun now!