Thursday, September 18, 2014

Taking a bit of a shift in my blog.  Mostly letting you know what new and interesting patterns I have listed, letting you know about special sales just for you readers, and now including fun stuff that I have enjoyed whether it's a special recipe I've loved or want to make, to pictures I love to look at (I am a horse fanatic so beware), books I've read, authors I recommend, movies, gardening tips, outdoor stuff and projects I want to do, houses that I think are interesting, you name it.  With more time on my hands after closing my website and opening a smaller store on Etsy I am enjoying my time off by reading alot (my tablet is stuffed with ebooks and now with the new KINDLEUNLIMITED for $9.99 a month OMG), and puttering around the house, cooking, etc.  I post alot on Facebook the fun things I find but I do keep my Facebook private for close friends and family.  I often wish I could share more of these interesting things to even more people.  Then a little bulb went on over my head - MY BLOG!

To start here are a few new items listed in my Etsy store this week:

McCall's 7896 All American Jacket, Skirt & Blouse 1965

A refined outfit for a dignified lady.  





Here's a stand out Advance pattern:  Advance 2958 Magical Dress with Two Skirts / ca. 1962

Offset button bodice with option of double breasted affect and slim or full skirt.  Wowza.


For you fans of the rare New York patterns here is a lovely one.  New York Pattern 1061 All American Waist Tucked Dress / ca. 1940's 

With all the reading I am doing for some reason I glommed on to Zombie / end of the world apocolypse books.  Okay I've read the classics (yawn), never been a romance book fan, mostly suspense, action or even political books, but when I got my Kindle and scanned their store a title jumped out at me.  Adrian's Undead Diary Book One Dark Recollections.  The author is Chris Philbrook.  Hmm I thought.  With my Unlimited account I popped it onto my ereader.  Two pages in and I was hooked.  Uniquely written, super funny, lots of action, nothing like I expected and it was fun!  In nothing flat I have read the whole series of 7 and there is one last one coming soon.  Very talented and gifted writer.  Highly recommend if you enjoy this type of book which I have found out I do!


Do you love horses?  A horse lover friend sent this to me and it is magnificent.  I put it on Pinterest and here is the link:  Magnificent Horse Video

One of my boards on Pinterest is about fashion icons.  While searching for retro pictures of different fashion eras I kept running into famous people wearing outfits I wanted to post but thought these icons needs their own board.  Grace Kelly - ahhhh.


When I see the so-called movie stars of today I get nauseated.  So few have the class of the stars of the 50's and earlier. To see my collection of fashion icon pictures go to my pinterest site:  


OH!  If you have a Pinterest site I would love to view it - please drop me a note here or drop by my site.

Made this yummy recipe the other night and it was so filling it could be used as an entree.  It's called TUSCAN BAKED ZUCCHINI

Staying with the food and beverage area I have to pass on the plate to buy the most awesome coffee or tea EVER!  Alta Organic Coffee & Tea is the bomb.  I am sipping on a delicious cup of their El Salvador coffee bean (ground in my grinder).

Oh had a great find recently at a local thrift store of a very vintage "sewing needle kit" but what makes it extra neat is that it features kittens on it.  Not for sale - I can't let it go!

Well enough babbling for today.  More tomorrow.  Now that I have some time I can enjoy doing this blog that's no longer "work" but play!

God Bless!

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