Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Monday morning!  Hope all of you had a great weekend.  We are finally getting cooler temps but the humidity is still horrible.  Oh soon, soon, soon, please cooler and less humidity.  My yard looks like the house has been abandoned - leaves and debris everywhere, weeds all over.  Just too darn hot to step outside and exert myself.

A couple of patterns of note put in today:

Advance 2710 Red Hot Wrap Dress with Full Skirt / ca. 1963

It is a size 16 with a bust of 36" - it is cut but complete and in good condition.  Envelope pretty trashed.

The next is for a little girl and it is just the cutest!

McCall 6631 Girl's "Little Red Riding Hood" Cape 1946

It is a girl's size 6, breast size 24.  It has been cut but it is complete and good condition.  Envelope of course has the usual wear from age.  I just love the little pointy hood!

A brand new Goodwill just opened a few miles away - I am so excited!  What a geek.  I spent hours browsing the other day and found a few treasures.  The most fun was a big bag of cosmetic sample items from designers - the high dollar stuff - most from Yves Saint Laurent.  Having a blast trying all the different complexion creams, eye creams, night creams etc.  All for a whopping $1.99!

I have a hard time finding body lotion that doesn't dry out quickly and still leave my skin feeling dry.  If I want to spend a ton of bucks I'm sure I can find a good one but it's not in my budget.  Last year a 99Cent store opened near by and when I was in there the other day I grabbed a tube of DERMASIL lotion.  O - M - G!  For 99 cents this is the best lotion I have ever used.  Not greasy and I can apply and all day my skin feels good and not dry.  It comes  in "Advanced Treatment" and "regular" and I've used both and they are both good.  Check it out!

Last year we adopted two adult cats from the local shelter.  One was an 11 month old boy who was a stray (he had to have been lost because he was so friendly and not feral), and one was a turn in who was 5 1/2.  The 5 1/2 year old is a Russian Blue as sweet as can be (Her owner got married and her husband hated the cat and made her get rid of her - I would have gotten rid of the husband grrrr).  She is also declawed.  I noticed that she was having difficulty in the litter box and after some research discovered that the litter was hurting her paws.  I have since switched to the log shaped pellets that can be made of paper or wood products.  No problems now and frankly I love the lack of odor - these pellets absorb so much better than regular litter.  It's worth the little extra price to have a non-stinky litter box.


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